Church work in the Cayman Islands began in the 1800s and grew steadily throughout the years. Now, it is estimated that over 200 churches exist, representing just about every major religion.

The most visible and historic church is Elmslie Memorial United Church, located on the waterfront in George Town and less than a minute’s walk from where most cruise ship passengers disembark. Constructed using the first concrete blocks made on the island, and with massive hand-cut mahogany roof trusses and beautiful stained glass windows, it is probably the most admired and photographed building on the island.

All congregations are happy to welcome overseas visitors to their services, and it is a good opportunity to meet locals. The Christmas Eve carol service held in the early evening at Elmslie Church is usually attended by many overseas visitors and involves the singing of traditional Christmas carols.

If you are so inclined, you are invited to take a few hours out of your vacation to visit a church of your choice.